Boys did well at Cadwell Park.

The two Uplands boys travelled to the famous race circuit in England to take on the Mountain. 

Both lads competed in the Stock 600 races doing very well. Leif Williams pulled out all the stops and taking of 3 seconds of his fastest time from before to get two craking second paces in both races and pushing the 1000cc bikes along the way. Keeping a hold of 2nd place in the championship.

Leif pushed and got down to cracking lap times of 1:39's ( which trust me is quick). Showing great confidence in his machine and leaping the mountain.

Richard tried to be Leif's wingman for the race but after a few laps lost touch with the leaders and slipped down the pack but kept it going and banged in a 3rd place for himself.

Both lads head to Castle Combe soon , if you want to be a part of this adventure get in touch .

We are still looking for help with Leif and the Manx 2017 , if you like to help out any which way you can please get in touch. 


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