Motorbike awareness on the car theory.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling has confirmed that motorcycle awareness will be added to the driving theory test, according to the campaigner behind a petition calling for its inclusion. Ria Brisland launched the petition earlier this year, urging the Government to include a ‘mandatory section on how drivers and bikes can look out for each other on road’. Ms Brisland’s 19-year-old son Nick was killed in a collision in Southampton three years ago, which she says was the result of ‘negligence’ by a driver who ‘pulled out and onto the road claiming he didn’t see him coming’. In January, Ms Brisland set up an online petition outlining the proposed changes to the theory test, which to date has received more than 125k signatures. In April, the petition was covered on Road Safety News, with a number of readers expressing support for the idea. In the discussion thread, Jan James, CEO of Good Egg Safety, said: “This is definitely something Good Egg Safety – and our Good Egg Riders subsidiary – would support. “‘Inattentional blindness’ is a major challenge which more drivers/riders should definitely be made aware of. “Having attended a riders offenders course recently; it’s clear the riders themselves weren’t aware of the issue – and not one of the novice drivers we have taught in our Good Egg Driver events was aware either.” Ms Brisland says that she will be meeting with Mr Grayling in the next couple of weeks to discuss the way forward, and is welcoming ideas and suggestions via email.

New changes to the theory test for cars to raise awareness of motorbikes and other road users..


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