Dash cam

Examples of crashes and astonishing near-misses caught on drivers' dashcams have been released by police to discourage erratic driving.
Forces in Norfolk and Suffolk said they received about 150 videos a month from the public - double the amount from last year.
About 75% of footage has led to drivers being warned, sent on driving courses or dealt with through the courts.

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Weather warning

Take care on the roads today

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Parking outside schools..

Waiting and parking (238 to 252)
Rules for waiting and parking, including rules on parking at night and decriminalised parking enforcement.

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Well done Dan cracking drive..

Congratulations Danny Archer on passing your test at the first attempt.

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Switch off the phone!

If you've bought yourself a sparkly phone case it makes it even more obvious if you're calling or texting at the wheel

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Another test pass with Uplands..

Congratulations Mehrnoosh!!! Wish u safe and happy driving xxx

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Bike Safe....

BikeSafe - Bridging the Gap, an initiative undertaken by the four Welsh Police Forces, supported by Central and Local Government, helps to assess and advise motorcyclists on how to get the best from their riding, whilst maintaining safety. Motorcyclists are 40 times more likely to be killed than a car driver; therefore it is vital that riders take the opportunity for extra training to ensure they are able to protect themselves on the road. Visit the BikeSafe website for more information and to book.

A website all about safe motorcycling in Wales written and managed by professional bikers for bikers can be viewed here

"Not Playing Anymore" TV Advert

Advanced Driving

95% of road accidents are caused by driver error. Most people become involve in advanced driving because they want to know that they are driving as safely as possible and to improve on their skills.

It is always difficult to tell how good a driver you are, but being a good driver means that you never stop learning.

By improving your driving skills, you will not only become a better driver but also enjoy your driving more.

Advanced driving groups can be found on our links page.

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Cause you are in a rush!!!

Speed limits are there for your safety. It doesn't mean you can go 35, 37 or 40+ just because you're in a rush. If the limit is 30mph, that is the absolute maximum you can travel.
The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your licence.Richard Leonard

Doing 35 in a 30 over 1 mile you make up 18seconds... To make up that 18 seconds you have to travel 17miles non stop!!! Is it worth it??

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New Driver Tegan

Well done Tegan, passed first time .Great drive, stay safe and have fun car shopping.

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Bit late but worth the weight .. Well done Enzo..

Congratulations Enzo Gallo on passing your Driving test! Your hard work has paid off! Well done

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