Pembrey round up.

Pembrey round up .

Following on from Anglesey Richard had to fly solo this weekend at Pembrey.

Ariving back home from Ilse of man on friday morning and only having around 4hrs sleep in 2 days Richard had to miss the practice on friday and race cold with no bike set up or testing. 

Saturday's practice was just a wobble around and get a feeling of the track and bike. A bit of work on the bike to make it feel a bit more settled in the braking zone. A few clicks here and there and help from Thomas Payne and Chris Evans.

'The bike felt much better and went faster than I have have done around Pembrey down to the 1:06's and felt really comfortable doing those times.'

Sunday's races were soaking wet with the typical Welsh weather playing it's part. Having not raced in the wet for over a year so was more carfull to find a nice feeling with the track and bike.

With getting into the 1:09's in the wet and playing it safe Richard now holds 3rd place in the championship and without doing anything silly will be ok for Thruxton.

A quick message to Leif to get well soon after the Manx.

See Williams Family Racing for a report.

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