Self employed instructors

Next time you’re complaining about the price driving instructors charge, remember this:- We are teaching you a life skill, one that could possibly help you get a better Job and more independence. Life changing to many. How much do you pay to go to university to achieve this kind of skill? How much do you think running a car costs? Probably much more than the cost of your weekly lesson. You’ll be paying more once you pass your test and get your own car. Your instructor is self employed. They don’t get paid if they don’t work. They don’t get paid if their car is off the road. They don’t get paid sickness or holidays. They don’t get paid if there’s adverse weather. You’ll probably see how busy your instructor is. You are just ONE pupil. Even after work they still have new pupil enquiries, current pupil enquiries and several other “behind the scene” things to do which they don’t get paid for. You’ll probably see on lessons how much abuse learners can receive on the roads from other members of the public. That’s Just on ONE lesson! As with any skilled profession, you pay for what you get. If “Joe down the road” is charging less, go with “Joe” and see for yourself why. We wont be offended when we are so busy ourselves. Compare how much we charge & do compared to other professions. How much do you pay for your gym or personal trainer/carpenter/decorator/builder/solicitor/dentist/Vet/Chiropractor/beauty treatments etc etc? We also keep local drive thru’s in business, need a bladder like a camel or know where all the public toilets are (and pray they are open!) And don’t even get me started on the cost of wine, when we are off, to keep us sane 😂 With all this in mind, we still absolutely love our jobs and are dedicated to instructing YOU and getting YOU that licence. We even pay £300 every 4 years, for our licence, just so we have the privilege to do a job we love. If anything, we are not charging enough!

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