Uplands Boys finish the season and things are good.

The Uplands boys finish the season at Thruxton..

With Richard only able to do Thruxton and Leif out until next season due to injury. Safe in 2nd place and Richard just needed to ride around to finish 3rd in the 2017 Streetstock championship.

4 races to do on the Saturday , with the first practice on a wet track and no one having any testing it's just jump in feet first.

The first race of the day was damp track but most of the circuit was nice and dry. So after 3 laps Richard decided to pull in instead of wrecking a set of wet tyres. 

2nd race was not long after but missed the call cause needed to change wheels and this put Richard at the back of the grid for the afternoon races.

Starting from position 36 on the grid had to fight the way through just to make sure collect a few points to secure 3rd in the championship. So that was all completed and just going to have a ride around in the 600 open. 

Starting from grid place 36 again. Made a nice start with plenty of elbows out ( the way to race in the 600 open ) made up a few places and was comfortable following a rider ( Jamie ) on his 675 triumph . Until the first breakdown in a few years. The trottle cable snapping and having no way to control the bike. 

Not bad in 5 years with the same bike. Testiment to Rowan Jeffery and his skill's with a spanner..

So all completed for another year and plans for 2018 starting from today.

Richard and Leif would like to thanks everyone who has helped out. 

Mal and Kyle Williams. Rowan Jeffery ( 07811402883) and Richard ( 07814175243) for twerling the spanners. 

Thomas , Wayne , Chris, Andrew, Paul , Alex , and Damon everyone at NG for being great riders and look forward to next year. Stay safe for the winter... 

Motorcrosser is coming out to play..

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