We at Uplands School of Motoring have over 28 years of experience concluded that a training syllabus is by far the best way to teach/learn to drive. Our training syllabus is not rigid. It is flexible in that we encourage our instructors to use their own initiative experience and common sense to plan each lesson according to the pupil's needs/ability.

Driving Lessons Tailored to Each Student

If a new pupil to our school has had some experience of learning to drive whether it be with a parent or another driving school, we spend the first driving lesson making an assessment of their ability. We can then make plans for the following lesson based on what standard they are at and what would be the best part of the training syllabus they should continue from. The Uplands School of Motoring learning to drive syllabus.

  1. Controls Lesson.
  2. Move off and make normal stops.
  3. Minor to major junctions turning left.
  4. Major to minor junctions turning left.
  5. Minor to major roads turning right.
  6. Major to minor roads turning right.
  7. General driving exercises.
  8. Introduction to roundabouts (double lesson).
  9. Roundabouts (double lesson).
  10. General driving exercises.
  11. Introduction to traffic light and pedestrian crossings.
  12. Turn in the road (three point turn).
  13. General driving exercises.
  1. Reverse around a corner to the left.
  2. Reverse around the corner to the left and turn in the road.
  3. General driving exercises.
  4. Parallel park.
  5. Parallel park/ reverse around the corner to the left/ turn in the road.
  6. General driving exercises.
  7. Bay park/ parallel park/ reverse around the corner to the left/ turn in the road.
  8. Emergency stop/ Bay park/ Parallel park/ reverse around a corner to the left/ turn in the road.
  9. General driving exercises.
  10. Driving Test.
Driving Syllabus