Uplands Boys are back racing..

A cracking weekend away in Combe racing with NG. Back at the track that nearly beat me. Returned last year and just wobbled around ,was a bit of emotional return after crashing twice at Cadwell before. The qualifying went ok was just wanted to get into the flow of racing again. Felt comfortable and not rushed . Racing on the Saturday had a bit of a fuel problem ( not enough in the tank !) silly boy but no matter and then the 600 open had a nice run with a Moto 2 bike now that was a nice piece of kit fair play. Sunday the weather turned but kept my head and stayed on dry's which payed off. All I wanted to do this year is to get back to racing and enjoy and feel comfortable . This round started to feel like myself and it's taken a while but no rush . The second race of the day and one fellow racer Shawn had a off but all ok. Get well soon. And in the last few races Richard had a DNF both a bit sore but all ok. Get well soon guys. Would like to thank my partner Beth for bringing the hotel on wheels ( camper van ) and my quiet times I am very quiet when racing. Thanks to Charles Cboyo Reynolds KSM racing, Lance Pugh, Anthony Dixey and Johnny Allen for the support. Gary Maguire for the bike prep , putting up with Chris and myself being little divas wanting the bikes to be perfect. Rowan Jeffery for the engine builds. Nigel at LPG Swansea for keeping us on the roads and my little polo is still going. Shoreline hotel in Mumbles, Swansea and Martin and Julie Le Gerard for the support. And my team mate Chris for his good mood and banter oh and cracking burgers he cooked on the Saturday ..... Cracking weekends racing with NG Road Racing at Castle Combe. Managed to shave 7 seconds a lap off last years times, next target to get to the low 20’s from 27’s. Team mate Rich managed to drop 5 secs from last year so I struggled to stay with him around Combe. Final session had a good tussel with Glen Williams on his fire blade who cleverly slipped through the gap I left for the front guys coming round. End of the race and last chicane felt a bike/rider brush against me under braking, enter Shaun Wynne who went straight through the safety chichane sending it, him and his bike across the track. Luckily I managed to sray on board but Glenn ran onto the grass. Poor Shaun ended up in Hospital- get well soon mate and thanks for not taking me out👍🏻. Nice to see Alex Jones (The Puncher) Richard Hughes GWS as well, Doc Racer, Ben Davies and Scott Key who were flying, Kim Bullock and Craig Crossley, Jason Wyeth and Bx Wyeth, Justin Collins only seen you in holding area sorry mate. See you all at Cadwell.

Uplands boys back on it..

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